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Niu, W. (1997). Astronomy in the sutras translated into Chinese.

Nocentini, F. and M. L. Peruzzi (2004). Il grande libro dei fiori di Bach: i 38 rimedi floreali e le loro associazioni con fiori californiani, astrologia, cristalli, oli essenziali, medicina tradizionale cinese e riflessologia plantare. Milano, Demetra.

Nolan, J. E. and T. University of Wales Institute of Science and (1986). Investigations on Gor-Kan-Shan-Lien-Tan, a Chinese herbal medicine. Cardiff, University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology (UWIST).

Norbu, D. (1976). An introduction to Tibetan medicine. New Delhi, Tibetan Review.

Nye, H. (1999). Traditional Chinese medicine: ancient wisdom for a modern world. Los Angeles; [Great Britain], Keats.

Obringer, F. (1997). L'Aconit et l'orpiment: drogues et poisons en Chine ancienne et médiévale. Paris, Fayard.

O'Driscoll, J., A. D. Burden, et al. (1992). Potent topical steroid obtained from a Chinese herbalist.

Ody, P. (2000). Practical Chinese medicine: understanding the principles and practice of traditional Chinese medicine and making them work for you. London, Goldsfield.

Ody, P. (2001). Secrets of Chinese herbal medicine. London, Dorling Kindersley.

Ody, P. M. (2000). Practical Chinese medicine. London, Goldsfield.

Ogawa, T., W. International Symposium on the Comparative History of Medicine - East and, et al. (1986). History of traditional medicine: proceedings of the 1st and 2nd International Symposia on the Comparative History of Medicine - East and West; 1st Symposium: October 22-28, 1976, 2nd Symposium: October 23-29, 1977, Susuno-shi, Shizuoka, Japan. Osaka; Tokyo, Division of Medical History, the Taniguchi Foundation: Distributed by Maruzen.

Ogilvie, M. B. and C. J. Choquette (1993). Western biology and medicine in modern China: the career and legacy of Alice M. Boring (1883-1955).

Oh Siew, C. and S. University of Singapore. Department of Social (1955). The Chinese physician in Singapore: a study of his popularity among the Chinese and people of other races, [S.l.].

O'Neill, Y. V. and G. Chan (1976). A Chinese coroner's manual and the evolution of anatomy.

Ooi, G. L. (1993). Chinese medicine in Malaysia and Singapore: the business of healing.

Ormel, P. W. (1992). Protein deposition in pigs: the effect of genotype (Large White vs. Chinese Meishan) on the efficiency of protein utilization in pigs.

Osler, W. S., P. S. Manson, et al. (1910). The principles and practice of medicine. Shanghai, Publication Committee, China Medical Missionary Association.

Ou, M. (1988). Chinese-English dictionary of traditional Chinese medicine = Han Ying Zhong yi ci dian. Hong Kong; Canton, Joint Publishing: Guangdong Science & Technology Publishing House.

Ou, M. (2000). Han Ying Zhong yi ci dian = Chinese-English dictionary of traditional chinese medicine. Xianggang; [Guangzhou shi], San lian shu dian (Xianggang) you xian gong si: Guangdong ke ji chu ban she.

Ou, M. and y. Kuang-chou Chung i hsüeh (1982). Chinese-English glossary of common terms in traditional Chinese medicine = Han Ying ch`ang yung Chung i tz`u hui. Hongkong, Joint Pub. Co.

Ou, M. and Y. Li (1993). Commonly-used prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine, Hong Kong.

Pálos, I. (1963). A hagyományos kinai orvoslás. [Budapest], Gondolat.

Pálos, I. (1984). Chinesische Heilkunst: Einführung in die Theorie und Praxis der Naturheilkunde der Chinesen--Akupunktur, Moxibustion, Heilmassage, Heilgymnastik, Atemtherapie und Pharmakologie. Bern, Barth.

Pálos, S. (1972). The Chinese art of healing. New York; London, Bantam.

Panesar, N. S. (1992). Bufalin and unidentified substance(s) in traditional Chinese medicine cross-react in commerical digoxin assay.

Pang, A. (1979). Shang han zong bing lun: 6 juan. Taibei, Shang wu yin shu guan.

Pang, Z., F. Pan, et al. (1996). 'Ginkgo biloba L.' history, current status, and future prospects.

Parker, P. (1846). Notes of surgical practice amongst the Chinese. Edinburgh, Sutherland & Knox.

Pa-sans-yon-tan, S.-r.-p. and m. Yon tan rgya (1998). Dictionary of Tibetan materia medica. Delhi, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers.

Paulli, S. and R. James (1746). A treatise on tobacco, tea, coffee, and chocolate: in which I. The advantages and disadvantages attending the use of these commodities, are not only impartially considered, upon the principles of medicine and chymistry, but also ascertained by observation and experience. II. Full and distinct directions laid down for knowing in what cases, and for what particular constitutions, these substances are either beneficial, or hurtful. III. The Chinese or Asiatic tea, shewn to be the same with the European Chamelaeagnus, or Myrtus Brabantica. London, Printed for T. Osborne. [et al.].

Pearce Richard, R. and H. Wang (1999). Diseases, symptoms and clinical applications of The yellow Emperor's Canon on Internal Medicine. Beijing, New World Press.

Pearl, D. and E. Schrollinger (1999). Acupuncture: its use in medicine.

Pei-ching Chung i hsüeh yüan. Ko chia hsüeh shuo chiao yen, t. and y. Nan-ching chung i hsüeh (1963). Chung i ko chia hsüeh shuo chi i an hsüan chiang i = [Lectures on the theories and cases of traditional Chinese physicians of Sung, Yüan, Ming and Ch`ing dynasties]: Sung Yüan Ming Ch`ing. Pei-ching, Jen min wei sheng ch`u pan she.

Peilin, S. (2001). The treatment of pain with Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone.

Peking. Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Research Institute of Acupuncture and, M. (1960). Chinese therapeutical methods of acupuncture and moxibustion. Peking, Foreign Languages Press.

Penny, M. A. (1993). An investigation of MHC-associated genetic susceptibility to insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: a study of a Chinese population. Birmingham, University of Birmingham.

Peterson, C. E. and R. G. Peterson (1990). Chinese medicine and politics: Mao to Tiananmen.

Petro, B. A. and R. Holmes (1996). The book of Kombucha. Berkeley, Calif, Ulysses Press.

Petzold, M. (1987). The social history of Chinese psychology.

Pien, c. ü. and P. U. Unschuld (1986). Nan-ching: the classic of difficult issues; with commentaries by Chinese and Japanese authors from the third through the twentieth century. Berkeley; London, University of California Press.

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