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Minden, K. (1994). Bamboo stone: the evolution of a Chinese medical elite. Toronto; London, University of Toronto Press.

Ming, O. (1991). Chinese-English manual of common-used prescriptions in traditional Chinese medicine. [S.l.], [s.n.].

Mi-pham-rgya-mtsho, J.-m. J. (1985). Nad sna tshogs zi bai snags bdud rtsii char rgyun: collected mantras for use in treating various diseases and afflictions. Dolanji, Himachal Pradesh, Patshang Lama Sonam Gyaltsen, Tibetan Bonpo Monastic Community.

Miskel, J. F. (1973). Religion and medicine: the Chinese opium problem.

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Miyasita, S. (1977). A historical analysis of Chinese formularies and prescriptions: three examples.

Moiraghi, C. (1996). Tecniche corporee in medicina tradizionale cinese. Milano, Jaca Book.

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Morse, W. R. (1929). The practices and principles of Chinese medicine. [S.l., s.n.].

Morse, W. R. (1929). Tibetan medicine. [S.l., s.n.

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Naeser Margaret, A., X.-B. Wei, et al. (2000). Laser acupuncture: an introductory textbook for treatment of pain, paralysis, spasticity and other disorders: clinical and research uses of laser acupuncture from around the world. Boston, Mass., Boston Chinese Medicine.

Naeser, M. A. (1990). Outline guide to Chinese herbal patent medicines in pill form: an introduction to Chinese herbal medicines, Boston Chinese Medicine.

Nagayo, T. (1997). [Revolutionary change of the medical education system from Chinese to Western style: a story of the conflict between K. Azai and S. Nagayo].

Nakayama, S. (1992). [Junzo Kodama, a pioneer of Dutch learning in the Bizen feudal clan, and Hosetu Nanba, an eclectic of Chinese and Dutch medicines].

Nakayama, S., N. Sivin, et al. (1973). Chinese science; explorations of an ancient tradition. Cambridge [Mass.]; London, M.I.T. Press.

Namba, T. (1988). Insect-derived crude drugs in the Chinese Song dynasty.

National Institutes of, H. and E. F. I. C. f. A. S. i. t. H. S. John (1973). A bibliography of Chinese sources on medicine and public health in the People's Republic of China: 1960-70. [Bethesda], U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health.

Needham, J. (1963). Poverties and triumphs of the Chinese scientific tradition.

Needham, J. (1970). Clerks and craftsmen in China and the West: lectures and addesses on the history of science and technology, Cambridge.

Needham, J. (1972). A Chinese puzzle: eighth or eighteenth?.

Needham, J. (1981). Science in traditional China: a comparative perspective. Hong Kong, Chinese University Press.

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Needham, J., L. Wang, et al. (1986). Heavenly clockwork: the great astronomical clocks of medieval China. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Ng, A. and W. I. Wei (1998). A handbook of practical medical terms (English-Chinese) = [Chung i shih yung i hsèueh tz[degree]u hui. [Hong Kong], Hong Kong University Press.

Ng, B. Y. and E. H. Kua (1996). Koro in ancient Chinese history.

Ng, L. K. Y. and S. J. Liao (1997). Acupuncture: ancient Chinese and modern Western: a comparative inquiry.

Ng, O.-c. (1993). A tension in Ch'ing thought: "historicism" in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Chinese thought.

Ng, V. W. (1990). Madness in late imperial China: from illness to deviance. Norman, Okla.; London, University of Oklahoma Press.

Nguyen, D. H. (1987). The dictionary of acupuncture & moxibustion: a practical guide to traditional Chinese medicine. Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, Thorsons.

Ni, M. (1995). The Yellow Emperor's Classic of medicine: a new translation of the Neijing Suwen with commentary. Boston, Shambhala.

Nielsen, A. (1995). Gua sha: a traditional technique for modern practice. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone.

Niimi, H. (1996). Microcirculatory approach to Asian traditional medicine: strategy for the scientific evaluation. Amsterdam; New York, Elsevier.

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