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Record 1481 to 1487
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Zhu, Y.-P. (1998). Chinese materia medica: chemistry, pharmacology and applications. Amsterdam, Harwood Academic.

Zhufan, X. (2000). Practical traditional Chinese medicine. Beijing, Foreign Language Press.

Zhuo, D. (1986). The Chinese exercise book: from ancient & modern China, exercises for well-being and the treatment of illness. Wellingborough, Thorsons.

Zito, A. and T. E. Barlow (1994). Body, subject & power in China. Chicago; London, University of Chicago Press.

Zongchang, X. (2002). Diseases treated with melons, fruits and vegetables. Beijing, Foreign Language Press.

Zubov, V. P. (1960). Novyj Trud po istorii kitajskoj mediciny: P. Huard et M. Wong: La médicine chinoise au cours des siècles, Paris 1959. [Review].

Zurndorfer, H. T., Ed. (1999). Chinese women in the imperial past: new perspectives. Sinica Leidensia; v.44. Leiden, Brill.

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