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Record 1441 to 1480
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Zhang, S., Y. Qin, et al. (1510). Tu zhu Ba shi yi Nan jing: [4 juan]. [China], s.n.

Zhang, W. (1981). [A brief history of the early introduction of western medicine into China].

Zhang, W. (1985). [On Zhang Xichun's thought of amalgamating traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine].

Zhang, X.-G. and M. University of Manchester. Faculty of (1995). Isolation and characterisation of the anti-tumour activity of some Chinese plants used in cancer treatment. Manchester, University of Manchester.

Zhang, Y. (1998). [Tracing the origin and evolution of psychosomatic medicine in the West].

Zhang, Y. and Y. Ren (1978). Yi xue qi yuan: dian jiao = [Instruction on medicine]. Beijing, Ren min wei sheng chu ban she: Xin hua shu dian Beijing fa xing suo fa xing.

Zhang, Y. H. and K. Rose (1999). Who can ride the dragon? an exploration of the cultural roots of traditional Chinese medicine. Brookline, Mass., Paradigm Publications.

Zhang, Z. (1982). [Development of laryngology in traditional Chinese medicine].

Zhang, Z. and K. Maruyama (1965). Shokanron: zen'yaku. Tokyo, Meitoku Shuppansha.

Zhang, Z. and K. Maruyama (1967). Kinki yoryaku: zen'yaku. Tokyo, Meitoku Shuppansha.

Zhang, Z. and X. Luo (1995). Synopsis of prescriptions of the Golden Chamber with 300 cases: a classic of traditional Chinese medicine with ancient and contemporary case studies. Beijing, New World.

Zhao, H. (1986). [Thoughts on amalgamating traditional Chinese with western medicine].

Zhao, R. J. (2004). From legend to science: a history of Chinese medicine. New York, Vantage Press.

Zhao, T. and z. Yiyuan (1980). Jiu shang mi zhi. Shanghai, Shanghai ke xue ji shu chu ban she: Xin hua shu dian Shanghai fa xing suo fa xing.

Zhao, X. g. and L. Lü (1722). Yi guan: [liu juan]. [China], s.n.

Zhao, Z. (1994). Demographic conditions and multi-generation households in Chinese history: results from genealogical research and microsimulation.

Zhao, Z. (1997). Long-term mortality patterns in Chinese history: evidence from a recorded clan population.

Zhao, Z. and M. Hong Kong Baptist University. School of Chinese (2004). An illustrated Chinese materia medica in Hong Kong. Hong Kong, School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Zhen, C. and Z.-f. Cheng (2000). [The 'Journal of new medicine': a medical journal emerged with new China].

Zhen, Y. (2000). [On the differences and similarities of pulse-taking between TCM and Tibetan medicine].

Zhen, Z. (1995). [Trends, features, and cultural background of modern medicine in China].

Zhen, Z. (1996). [Sixty years of research on modern Chinese medical history].

Zheng, B. (1985). Zhang Zhongjing, the sage of Chinese medicine.

Zheng, J.-S. (1988). [Role of the Song Government in the development of contemporary medicine].

Zheng, X. and S. M. Hillier (1995). The reforms of the Chinese health care system: county level changes: the Jiangxi study.

Zhou, C. (1985). [A brief developmental history of psychiatry in traditional Chinese medicine].

Zhou, D. (1984). [The proper description of two pictures in the history of medicine].

Zhou, J., G. Xie, et al. (2003). Traditional Chinese medicines: molecular structures, natural sources and applications. Aldershot, Ashgate.

Zhou, X. and D. Tian (2001). [A review on nasopharyngeal carcinoma in ancient Chinese literature].

Zhou, Z. Y., H. D. Jin, et al. (1997). Clinical manual of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. New York; Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone.

Zhu, C. (1985). [Li Zhenxiang, an organizer of first aid for the wounded of East China's Field Army during the liberation war].

Zhu, C.-H. (1989). Clinical handbook of Chinese prepared medicines. Brookline, Mass., Paradigm Publications.

Zhu, J. (1996). [Sixty years of the Chinese Medical Association's Society of Medical History].

Zhu, J.-S., G. M. Halpern, et al. (1998). The scientific rediscovery of a precious Chinese herbal regimen: 'Cordceps sinensis'.

Zhu, J.-S., G. M. Halpern, et al. (1998). The scientific rediscovery of an ancient Chinese herbal medicine: 'Cordyceps sinensis'.

Zhu, M. (2001). The medical classic of the Yellow Emperor. Beijing, Foreign Languages Press.

Zhu, M. and F. Klein-Franke (1998). Avicenna's links with Chinese medicine: a chapter of the history of Sino-Arabic relation during the Middle Ages.

Zhu, X. (1989). Chinese sedimentary basins. Amsterdam; Oxford, Elsevier.

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