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Campbell, C. D. and P. University of (1997). Chinese mortality transitions: the case of Beijing, 1700-1990.

Cantlie, N. and G. Seaver (1939). Sir James Cantlie: a romance in medicine. London, John Murray.

Cao, X.-z. (1985). The massotherapy of traditional Chinese medicine. Hong Kong, Hai Feng Pub. Co.

Cargill, M. (1998). Well women: healing the female body through traditional Chinese medicine. Westport, Conn., Bergin & Garvey.

Carroll, R. N. P., D. C. Anderson, et al. (1992). Genito-urinary system. Medi-Vision; programme 6. Shatin, Hong Kong, Chinese University Press.

Cassidy, C. M. (2002). Contemporary Chinese medicine and acupuncture. New York; Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone.

Cavalieri, S. and M. Rotoli (1997). Huangdi Neijing: un classico della medicina tradizionale cinese.

Ch`en, T. u.-j. (1969). History of Chinese medical science illustrated with pictures. Kowloon, Hong Kong, Chinese Medical Institute.

Ch`u chi wei sheng pao chien ch`ü chien t`ao lun, h. (1983). Primary health care - the Chinese experience: report of an Inter-regional Seminar [on Primary Health Care held in Yexian County, Shandong Province, China 13-16 June 1982]. Geneva; [Albany, N.Y.], World Health Organization: [WHO Publications Centre USA, distributor].

Chama, A. and A. Chekroun (1991). Réflexions sur l'histoire ancienne de la médecine du travail: contribution des médecins arabes et chinois.

Chamfrault, A. (1954). Traité de médecine chinoise: acupuncture, moxas, massages, saignées d'après les textes chinois anciens et modernes. Angouleme, Coquemard.

Chan, C. M. S. and M. University of Manchester. Faculty of (1998). The quality of life and health experiences of the Chinese in Manchester: mothers, families and the health services. Manchester, University of Manchester.

Chan, E. L. (1994). History of medicine and nephrology in Asia.

Chan, K. (1996). Critical assessment of traditional Chinese medicine, Liverpool.

Chan, K. and H. Lee (2002). The way forward for Chinese medicine. London, Taylor & Francis.

Chan, K. and L. Cheung (1999). Interactions between Chinese herbal medicine products and orthodox drugs. Amsterdam, Harwood Academic.

Chan, K. M., F. H. Fu, et al. (1984). Proceedings of Sports Medicine Conference: local researches in exercise science and sports medicine. Hong Kong, Department of Orthopaedic & Traumatic Surgery, Physical Education Unit, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Chan, K. M., F. H. Fu, et al. (1986). Proceedings of Sports Medicine Conference: from Theory to Practice. Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Chan, K. M., M. International Federation of Sports, et al. (1992). Sport, medicine and health: the Asian perspective: proceedings of the FIMS-1992-Hong Kong International Sports Medicine Conference, inaugural Scientific Congress of Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM), March 17-24, 1992. Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Centre of Sports Medicine and Sports Science.

Chan, S., A. V. Maksimuk, et al. (1995). From Steppe to store: the trade in Saiga antelope horn. Cambridge, TRAFFIC International.

Chang Gung Memorial, H. (1997). Symposium on the integration of Chinese and Western medicine, [np].

Chang Stephen, T. (1986). The complete system of Chinese self-healing, Aquarian.

Chang, C.-c. (1986). Treatise on febrile diseases caused by cold: a classic of traditional Chinese medicine (Shanghan Lun). Beijing, China, New World Press.

Chang, C.-c. and H.-w. Lo (1993). Treatise on febrile diseases caused by cold with 500 cases: a classic of traditional Chinese medicine with ancient and contemporary case studies. Beijing, New World Press.

Chang, C.-c. and X. Luo (1987). Synopsis of prescriptions of the golden chamber (Jinkui yaolue fanglun). Beijing, New World Press.

Chang, C.-c., C. Mitchell, et al. (1999). Shang han lun = On cold damage. Brookline, MA, Paradigm Publications.

Chang, C.-F. and S. University of London. School of Oriental and African (1996). Aspects of smallpox and its significance in Chinese history.

Chang, C.-y., Y.-f. Chou, et al. (1969). The history and methods of physical diagnosis in classical Chinese medicine. New York, Vantage Press.

Chang, H. M. and C. Chinese University of Hong Kong Chinese Medicinal Materials Research (1985). Advances in Chinese medicinal materials research: an international symposium held in Meridien Hotel Hong Kong June 12-14, 1984, organized by Chinese Medicinal Materials Research Centre, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N. T., Hong Kong. Singapore, World Scientific.

Chang, K. C. (1977). Food in Chinese culture: anthropological and historical perspectives. New Haven; London, Yale University Press.

Chang, S. T. (1989). The complete system of Chinese self-healing: Stephen T. Chang. Wellingborough, Norhants., Aquarian Press.

Chang, Y.-c., W. Li, et al. (1995). Han Ying Chung i tz`u hai = Chinese-English Chinese traditional medical world-ocean dictionary. T`ai-yuan, Shan-hsi jen min ch`u pan she.

Chang, Y.-S. and P. Taiwan. Executive Yuan. Dept. of Health. Committee on Chinese Medicine and (2003). Compendium of medicinal plants used by the indigenous people of Taiwan. Taipei, Committee on Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, Dept. of Health, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.

Channel Four Television, C. (1995). Stand still - be fit: the ancient art of internal energy. London, Channel Four Television.

Chao, Y. C. (1981). [A study of the ancient medical manuscript "Tsu-pei-shih-i-mo-chiu-ching" recently found in Ma-wang-t'ui, China].

Chao, Y.-l. and L. A. University of California (1997). Medicine and society in late imperial China: a study of physicians in Suzhou.

Chapman, B. B. (1922). Flood-tide in China. London, Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society.

Charlot, D. (1990). Pratique de la pharmacopée Chinoise traditionelle. Paris, Guy Tredaniel.

Charr, R. (1936). Ancient Chinese medicine.

Che, L. (1987). [The relationship of man and nature versus the "Yellow Emperor's Classic of internal medicine"].

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