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Connor, D. and M. Tse (1992). Qigong: Chinese movement and meditation for health. London, Stanley Paul.

Cook, D. J. and H. Rosemont, Jr. (1981). The pre-established harmony between Leibniz and Chinese thought.

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Cui, H. (1986). [Centenary of the death of Paul Bert, a founder of aviation and diving medicine].

Culin Robert, S. (1887). The Practice of Medicine by the Chinese of America, [Philadelphia].

Culin, S. (1887). The practice of medicine by the Chinese in America.: By Stewart Culin. reprinted from the Medical and Surgical Reporter. March 19, 1887, [Philadelphia].

Cullen, C. (1993). Patients and healers in late Imperial China: evidence from the 'Jinpingmei'.

Da' Luz Vieira, L. C. G. and G. University of Oxford. Faculty of Anthropology and (1995). Embodying culture: corporeality within Chinese medicine.

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Dagnall, J. C. (1992). [Chinese footbinding].

Dai, H. and C. Bai (2000). [The Meridian Flowing and ancient Chinese philosophy].

Dash, B. (1997). Tibetan medicine: theory and practice. Delhi, Sri Satguru Publications.

Davies, W. I., E. F. Corbet, et al. (1997). Dentistry's development in Hong Kong.

Davis, S. (1996). The cosmobiological balance of the emotional and spiritual worlds: phenomenological structuralism in traditional Chinese medical thought.

Dawson, P. M. (1925). Su-wen, the basis of Chinese medicine.

Dawson, R. S. (1971). The legacy of China. London, Oxford University Press, 1971.

Dazhao, Z. and W. Xiaolong (1992). Diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in traditional Chinese medicine. Hong Kong, Hai Feng.

Deadman, P., M. Al-Khafaji, et al. (1998). A manual of acupuncture. Hove, Journal of Chinese Medicine Publications.

DeBernardi, J. (1995). On trance and temptation: images of the body in Malaysian Chinese popular religion.

Delaveau, P. (1977). Les Fonds pharmacopées traditionnelles et l'expérimentation moderne: Table ronde sur l'apport des médecines asiatiques à la médecine universelle, Strasbourg, 21-23 mai 1976. Strasbourg, Universite Louis Pasteur.

Deng, T.-T. (1998). Practical diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone.

Dennell, L. (1990). The Indo-Chinese opium trade in the late 19th century.

DeWoskin, K. J. (1983). Doctors, diviners, and magicians of ancient China: biographies of fang-shih. New York; Guildford, Columbia University Press.

Dikötter, F. (1991). The discourse of race and the medicalization of public and private space in modern China (1895-1949).

Dikötter, F. (1994). The discourse of race in modern China. London, Hurst.

Dimond, E. G. (1975). More than herbs and acupuncture: [a study of Chinese medicine. New York, Norton.

Dimond, E. G. (1975). More than herbs and acupuncture. New York, Norton.

Dittrick, H. (1952). Chinese medicine dolls.

Dodd, W. C. (1996). A compendium of oriental healing: Chinese herbal medicine, manipulation & acupuncture, yoga and meditation, etc., etc. London, New Holland.

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