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Li, T. S. C. (2002). Chinese and related North American herbs: phytopharmacology and therapeutic values. Boca Raton, CRC Press.

Li, Y. (1992). The effect of acupuncture on gastrointestinal function and disorders.

Li, Y. K. and S. Z. Zhong (1998). Spinal manipulation in China.

Li, Y.-W. (1995). Ethnopharmacology of bear gall bladder.

Li, Z. (1987). [Views on the study of the history of medicine in China as seen from the "Chinese journal of medical history"].

Liang, L. (2003). Acupuncture & IVF. Boulder, CO, Blue Poppy Press.

Liang, Y. (2001). ['Yi lin cuo yao' (Essentials of medical works) and its historical materials of medical exchanges between China and Korea].

Liao, S. J. (1992). Acupuncture for low back pain in huang di nei jing su wen. (Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine Book of Common Questions).

Libbrecht, U. (1973). Chinese mathematics in the thirteenth century: the Shu-shu chiu-chang of Ch`in, Chiu-shao. Cambridge [Mass.]; London, M.I.T. Press.

Lin Henry, B. (2000). Chinese health care secrets: a natural lifestyle approach. St. Paul, Minn.; [Great Britain], Llewellyn Publications.

Lin, C.-C. (1992). The pharmacological and pathological studies on Taiwan folk medicine.

Lin, C.-C., J.-M. Lin, et al. (1992). Studies on folk medicine "Thang-kau-tin" from Taiwan.

Lin, J. (1983). [A brief account of the development of social medicine].

Lin, J. H. and R. Panzer (1994). Use of Chinese herbal medicine in veterinary science: history and perspectives.

Lin, Q. (1983). [Modern education of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhejiang Province].

Lin, W.-T. (1995). A study of Chinese and modern medicine clinics in Taichung. London, [Unpublished].

Lin, Y. and R. a. G. International Conference on Traditional Chinese Medicine: Science (2001). Drug discovery and traditional Chinese medicine: science, regulation, and globalization. Boston; London, Kluwer Academic.

Lin, Z. (2000). Qigong: Chinese medicine or pseudoscience?. Amherst, N.Y., Prometheus Books.

Lin, Z. and L. D. o. P. King's College (1999). Biological and chemical studies on selected traditional plant remedies for vitiligo.

Ling, Y. (1992). [Scanning electron microscopic identification of hairs on surface of fruits and seeds of Chinese medicinal plants].

Liscomb, K. M. (1993). Learning from Mount Hua: a Chinese physician's illustrated travel record and painting theory. Cambridge; New York, Cambridge University Press.

List (1943). [A comprehensive list of medicine, medical treatment and surgery.].

Liu, C. i.-l. (1995). Chinese dietary therapy. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone.

Liu, C. T. (1998). Health care systems in transition.

Liu, C., A. Tseng, et al. (2003). Chinese herbal medicine: a comprehensive guide. Boca Raton, Fla.; London, CRC.

Liu, C., A. Tseng, et al. (2005). Chinese herbal medicine: modern applications of traditional formulas. Boca Raton [Fla.]; London, CRC Press.

Liu, C.-t. (1991). From san gu liu to 'caring scholar': the Chinese nurse in perspective.

Liu, C.-t. and W. University of (1989). Chinese women in white: a study of nurses in Taiwan: a thesis.

Liu, D. (2000). [Academic achievements of Chen Xiuyuan's 'Records of popular medicine' (Yi xue cong zhong lu)].

Liu, F. (1981). [A brief account of the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine].

Liu, F. and Y. M. Liu (1980). Chinese medical terminology. Xianggang, Commercial Press.

Liu, G. Z. (1992). [Exploration on English translation of basic theoretical terms of traditional Chinese medicine].

Liu, H. (1998). The resilience of ethnic culture: Chinese herbalists in the American medical profession.

Liu, H. (2005). The transnational history of a Chinese family: immigrant letters, family business, and reverse migration. New Brunswick, N.J., Rutgers University Press.

Liu, I. j. and S.-z. Yang (1997). The heart transmission of medicine. Boulder, CO, Blue Poppy Press.

Liu, S.-Z., P. Chinese Society of Radiological Medicine and, et al., Eds. (1994). Biological effects of low-level exposures to radiation and related agents: International symposium: Papers, Princeton Scientific Publishing.

Liu, Y.-c. i., K. Vian, et al. (1988). The essential book of traditional Chinese medicine. New York, Columbia University Press.

Lloyd, G. E. R. (1994). Adversaries and authorities.

Lloyd, G. E. R. (2000). La comparación entre la ciencia griega y la china.

Lloyd, G. E. R. and N. Sivin (2002). The way and the word: science and medicine in early China and Greece. New Haven, Conn.; London, Yale University Press.

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