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Lavier, J. and P. M. Chancellor (1974). Points of Chinese acupuncture. Wellingborough, Health Science Press: [Distributed by Thorsons].

Lê, T. Ð. (1983). Nguyên Ðình Chiêu voi Ngu Tiêu vân dáp y thuât. Ha Noi, Y hoc.

Lee, C. (2001). An examination of British Chinese health care practice and beliefs: investigating the theory of planned behaviour, health-related quality of life, and Chinese medicine treatment for psoriasis, University of Bath.

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Lee, R. P. L. (1980). Perceptions and uses of Chinese medicine among the Chinese in Hong Kong.

Lee, S. (1992). Applicability of psychotherapy for non-Western people.

Lee, S., T. P. Ho, et al. (1993). Fat phobic and non-fat phobic anorexia nervosa: a comparative study of 70 Chinese patients in Hong Kong.

Lee, T. a. (1967). Historical notes on some vitamin deficiency diseases in China.

Leggett, D. (1999). Recipes for self-healing. Totnes, Meridian.

Leslie, C. M. (1998). Asian medical systems: a comparative study. Delhi, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers.

Leslie, G. B., I. Indoor Air, et al., Eds. (1994). Indoor air quality in Asia: 2nd International conference: Papers, Indoor Air International.

Lessem, J. (1986). Ancient Chinese medical history.

Leung Albert, Y. (1984). Chinese herbal remedies = Cao yue. London, Wildwood.

Leung, A. Y. (1985). Chinese herbal remedies = Cao yue. London, Wildwood.

Leung, K.-s., L.-k. Hung, et al. (1994). Biodegradable implants in fracture fixation: ISFR Symposium, Hong Kong, September 4 and 5, 1993. Hong Kong; Singapore, Dept. of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong: River Edge, N.J.: World Scientific Pub. Co.

Leung, P.-C. (2003). A comprehensive guide to Chinese medicine. River Edge, NJ, World Scientific Pub.

Leung, P.-C. (2005). Chinese medicine: modern practice. [River Edge] N.J., World Scientific.

Levy, D. J. (1999). Venerable ancestors: strategies of ageing in the Chinese novel 'The story of the stone'.

Levy, H. S., A. Waley, et al. (1966). Chinese footbinding: the history of a curious erotic custom. New York, W. Rawls.

Levy, H. S., A. Waley, et al. (1991). The lotus lovers: the complete history of the curious erotic custom of footbinding in China. Buffalo, N.Y., Prometheus Books.

Lhun-grub-bkra-sis, J.-b. and D.-m. S.-r.-p. Blo-bzan-chos-grags (1984). G yu thog Gsar Rnin gi rnam thar: biographies of G yu-thog Yon-tan-mgon-po the Elder and the Younger. Leh, Mrs. D. W. Tashigang.

Li Chen, P. and A. United States Of (1974). Chinese herbal medicine. By C. P. Li, [Bethesda, Md].

Li, C. (1644). Bian zhu yi xue ru men: [Er ji qi juan, juan 1 shou]. [China], s.n.

Li, C. i.-p. i. (1948). The chemical arts of old China. Easton, Pa., Journal of Chemical Education.

Li, C.-P. and E. F. I. C. f. A. S. i. t. H. S. John (1974). Chinese herbal medicine. [Washington], U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health.

Li, C.-w. (1978). Creating a new Chinese medicine.

Li, J. (1977). Creating a new Chinese medicine and pharmacology. Peking, Foreign Languages Press.

Li, J. (1986). Chinese massage and the introduction of massage into China before the 18th century.

Li, J. and Z. Zhang (1996). [Sixty years of research on Chinese medical history].

Li, J.-H., Spie, et al., Eds. (1993). Photodynamic therapy and laser medicine: International conference: Papers, SPIE.

Li, K. (2002). Han Ying yi liao wei sheng ci dian = A Chinese-English dictionary of medical & health. Beijing, Zhongguo shu ji chu ban she.

Li, K.-h., M.-w. Chang, et al. (1982). Explorations in the history of science and technology in China: a special number of the 'Collections of essays on Chinese literature and history. Shanghai, China, Shanghai Chinese Classics Pub. House.

Li, L. (1990). Treatment of psoriasis with traditional Chinese medicine. Hong Kong, Hai Feng Publishing.

Li, L.-a. (1972). Life is for a long time: a Chinese Hawaiian memoir. New York, Hastings House.

Li, P.-k., Y. Hsü, et al. (1976). I hai wen lan: Chinese medical discourses. Singapore, Lai Kai Joo.

Li, Q. (1987). Shi yong Ying Han yi xue ci dian = A Practical English-Chinese medical dictionary. [Changchun shi], Jilin ke xue ji shu chu ban she: Jilin sheng xin hua shu dian fa xing.

Li, R. (1979). The medicine-snuff bottle connection: Chinese miniature containers, a dual role. Hong Kong, Nine Dragons.

Li, S.-c. and G. M. Seifert (1985). Pulse diagnosis. Brookline, Mass., Paradigm Publications.

Li, S.-z. (1989). [On Yang Ze-ming's philosophical study of "Canon of medicine"].

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