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Dodd, W. C. (1996). A compendium of oriental healing: Chinese herbal medicine: manipulation & acupuncture: yoga & meditation, etc., etc. London, New Holland.

Dolhem, R. (1995). La médecine vibratoire d'hier à aujourd'hui.

Dong, P. and A. H. Esser (1990). Chi gong: the ancient Chinese way to health. New York, N.Y., Paragon House.

Doré, F. J. (1920). La thérapeutique et l'hygiène en Chine: de l'influence des superstitions sur le développement des sciences médico-pharmaceutiques. Paris, Vigot freres.

Döring, O., E. Sino-German International Workshop About Ethics in Medical, et al. (2002). Ethics in medical education in China: distinguising education of ethics in medicine from moral preaching: proceedings of the Sino-German International Workshop in affiliation with the 15th Annual Joint Conference of the German-Chinese and the Chinese-German Societies of Medicine, Xi'an, September 18-19, 2000. Hamburg, IFA.

Douglas, R. K. S. (1895). Society in China. London, A.D. Innes & co.

Douglas, R. K. S. and M. British Museum. Dept of Oriental Printed Books and (1877). Catalogue of Chinese printed books, manuscripts and drawings in the library of the British Museum. London, Longmans & Co. [etc.].

Douglas, R. K. S. and M. British Museum. Dept of Oriental Printed Books and (1903). Supplementary catalogue of Chinese books and manuscripts in the British Museum. London, Longmans & Co. [etc.].

Du, X. (1985). [Traditional Chinese medicine and medical geography].

Duan, B.-f. and S. b. i. m. b. T. a. t. m. Audio-vision symposium on preventing and treating (2003). Summary of audio-vision symposium on preventing and treating SARS by integrative medicine between Taiwan and the mainland, Chinese Association of the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine.

Duke, J. A. and E. S. Ayensu (1985). Medicinal plants of China. Algonac, Mich., Reference Publications.

Dummer, T. G. (1988). Tibetan medicine and other holistic health-care systems. London; New York, Routledge.

Dünschel, D. and E. Vaubel (1974). The use of female figurines by Chinese doctors.

Eckman, P. (1996). In the footsteps of the yellow emperor: tracing the history of traditional acupuncture. San Francisco, CA, Cypress.

Edgren, S. and G. China House (1984). Chinese rare books in American collections. New York City, China House Gallery, China Institue in America.

Eisenberg, D. and T. L. Wright (1986). Encounters with qi: exploring Chinese medicine. London, Cape.

Eisenberg, D. M. and T. L. Wright (1987). Encounters with qi: exploring chinese medicine. New York; Harmondsworth, Penguin.

Ellis, A., N. Wiseman, et al. (1985). Fundamentals of Chinese medicine. Brookline, Mass, Paradigm Publications.

Ellis, N. (1994). Acupuncture in clinical practice: a guide for health professionals. London, Chapman & Hall.

Elvin, M. and T. u.-j. Liu (1998). Sediments of time: environment and society in Chinese history. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Endo, J. (1993). History of the term "Tan" (Phlegm).

Endo, J. (1994). [History of the syndromes of 'Yin' (retention of body fluids): the relationship between the syndromes of 'Yin' in Chinese medicine and those of 'Yin' in Buddhist medicine].

Endo, J. (1998). Medical theory described in 'Shu I Ton Toku' by Sanki Tasiro.

Endo, J. and T. Nakamura (1993). [Reconsideration of the concepts of the large intestine and the small intestine in Chinese traditional medicine].

Engelfriet, P. M. (1998). Euclid in China: the genesis of the first Chinese translation of Euclid's Elements, books I-VI (Jihe yuanben, Beijing, 1607) and its reception up to 1723. Leiden; Boston, Brill.

Epler, D. C. (1980). Bloodletting in early Chinese medicine and its relation to the origin of acupuncture.

Epler, D. C. (1988). The concept of disease in an ancient chinese medical text, the Discourse on Cold-Damage Disorders (Shang-han Lun).

Evans Dafydd, M. E. (1987). Constancy of purpose: an account of the foundation and history of the Hong Kong College of Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, 1887-1987. [Hong Kong], Hong Kong University Press.

Fan, D. and R. S. Cohen (1996). Chinese studies in the history and philosophy of science and technology. Dordrecht; London, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Fan, H. (1998). [The thought of eternal life and hair-related methods of preserving health in traditional China].

Fan, W. J. W. (1996). A manual of Chinese herbal medicine: principles and practice for easy reference. Boston, Shambhala.

Fan, Y. (1987). [A sketch of Chinese traditional medicine in Shanxi Province during 1912-1949].

Fang, G. (1795). Danxi xin fa fu yu: [24 juan, shou 1 juan]. Jin ling (Jin: Nanjing), Da Wen Tang.

Fang, H. C., Y. W. Ku, et al. (1996). The integration of modern and traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of fractures: a simple method of treatment for fractures of the shafts of both forearm bones. 1963.

Fang, J. (1998). Natural remedies from the Chinese cupboard: healing foods and herbs. New York, N.Y.; [Great Britain], Weatherhill.

Fang, L. Q. and J. X. Guo (1992). [Morphological and histological studies on the Chinese drug shan-dou-gen].

Farquhar Judith, B. (1986). Knowledge and practice in Chinese medicine, University of Chicago.

Farquhar, J. (1991). Objects, processes and female infertility in Chinese medicine.

Farquhar, J. (1994). Knowing practice: the clinical encounter of Chinese medicine. Boulder, Westview Press.

Farquhar, J. (1995). History and the evanescent: a problem from cultural anthropology.

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