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Chen, C. C. and F. M. Bunge (1989). Medicine in rural China: a personal account. Berkeley; London, University of California Press.

Chen, C. N. (1984). The gradual metamorphosis of psychiatry. Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Chen, C. Y. (1968). History of Chinese medical science: illustrated with pictures. Hong Kong, Chinese Medical Institute.

Chen, C.-Y. (1996). Early Chinese work in natural science: a re-examination of the physics of motion, acoustics, astronomy and scientific thoughts. Hong Kong, Hong Kong University Press.

Chen, C.-Y., K.-M. Chen, et al. (1987). Science and technology in Chinese civilization. Singapore; Philadelphia, PA., World Scientific.

Chen, F. (1998). Han La Ying zhong cao yao ming da ci dian = A comprehensive Chinese-Latin-English dictionary of the names of Chinese herbal medicines. Xi'an, Shi jie tu shu chu ban gong si.

Chen, F. (1998). Han-La-Ying Zhong caoyao ming da cidian = A comprehensive Chinese - Latin - English dictionary of the names of Chinese herbal medicines. Xian, Shijie tushu chuban gongshi.

Chen, F.-w. (1982). Probe into the principle of acupuncture anaesthesia. An Kang, China, [s.n.

Chen, G. (1989). Tectonics of China. Oxford, International Academic.

Chen, H. and C. Zhu (1984). Chinese health care: a comprehensive review of the health services of the People's Republic of China. Lancaster, Published in association with the People's Medical Publishing House, Beijing, [by] MTP.

Chen, K. K. (1925). Chinese drug stores.

Chen, K. K. and A. S. H. Ling (1926). Fragments of Chinese medical history.

Chen, P. (1997). Chinese tuina and therapeutic applications. Beijing, Science Press.

Chen, P. (1999). Well-known formulas and modified applications. Beijing, Science Press.

Chen, P. and G. Zheng (1997). Chinese herbs and compatibility. Beijing, Science Press.

Chen, P. and M. Helme (2004). Modern Chinese ear acupuncture. Brookline, Mass., Paradigm Publications.

Chen, S. (1790). Dong tian ao zhi: [16 juan]. [China], Qing qianlong wu shi wu nian Chen Fenghui ke ben.

Chen, S. Y., F. Li, et al. (1993). A clinical guide to Chinese herbs and formulae. Edinburgh; New York, Churchill Livingstone.

Chen, T. S. and P. S. Chen (1998). Medical cannibalism in China: the case of ko-ku.

Chen, W. C. (1992). [Principles of the postitron emission tomography and its application in the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine].

Chen, Y. (1997). Silk scrolls: earliest literature of meridian doctrine in ancient China.

Chen, Z.-y. (1990). [A survey of traditional medicine of the She nationality in Eastern Fujian].

Cheng, F.-c. i., Y. Chia, et al. (1994). Han Ying Ying Han Chung i ta tz`u tien = Traditional Chinese medicine dictionary in Chinese-Enghich and English-Chinese. T`ien-chin, T`ien-chin ta hsueh ch`u pan she: Hsin hua shu tien T`ien-chin fa hsing so fa hsing.

Cheng, S.-T. (1996). A critical review of Chinese Koro.

Cheng, T. O. (2000). Did Greeks beat Chinese on blood circulation.

Cheng, X. Q. and S. C. Qian (1989). Great achievements in ancient Chinese pharmacy.

Cheng, Z. and D. Zhang (1996). [Research on the history of cosmopolitan medicine in China].

Chengtu (1949). Collected Reprints of the Department of Opthalmology [sic], West China Union University, College of Medicine and Dentistry, 1938 to 1945, [Chengtu].

Chi, C. (1994). Integrating traditional medicine into modern health care systems: examining the role of Chinese medicine in Taiwan.

Chi, C. a.-t. and R. American Institute of Pacific (1936). Key economic areas in Chinese history: as revealed in the development of public works for water-control. London, G. Allen & Unwin, ltd.

Chin, Y. M. and L. D. o. P. King's College (2003). Quality control of plants used in traditional Chinese medicine: aristolochic acid.

China Medical Missionary, A. (1905). Medical nomenclature: terms in anatomy, histology, physiology. Shanghai, Presbyterian Mission Press.

China Ti-t'u, h.-s. (1979). Chung-hua jênmin Kung-ho-kuo o-hsing-chung-liu ti-t'u-chi = [Atlas of cancer in the People's Republic of China]. Shang-hai, Chung-hua ti-t'u hsueh-she.

China, F. (1997). Unbelievable cures & medicines from China. Beijing, China, New World Press.

China, H. T. E. o. and I. Veith (1966). The Yellow Emperor's classic of internal medicine; chapters 1-34 translated from the Chinese with an introductory study by Ilza Veith. New ed. Berkeley, California University Press; London: Cambridge University Press.

China, H. T. E. o. and I. Veith (1972). Huang Ti Nei ching Su Wên. The Yellow Emperor's classic of internal medicine. New edition. Chapters 1-34 translated from the Chinese, with an introductory study. By Ilza Veith. (Third printing.). University of California Press, Berkeley, etc.

China. Kuo chia Chung i yao kuan li, c. (1995). Advanced textbook on traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology. Beijing, China, New World Press.

Chinese Academy of Geological, S. (1976). Karst in China. Shanghai, Shanghai People's Publishing House.

Chinese Academy of Preventative, M. and C. China Medical and Health (1986). Sterilization of medical products: International scientific conference on sterilization of medical products, disinfection and preservation: Papers, Johnson and Johnson.

Chinese Academy of Preventive, M. (1999). Abstracts of the fourth international congress on cancer, gerontology and ecology, Begell House Inc.

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