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Rush, J. R. (1990). Opium to Java: revenue farming and Chinese enterprise in colonial Indonesia, 1860-1910. Ithaca, NY, Cornell University Press.

Ryan Mary, K. and D. Shattuck Arthur (1994). Treating AIDS with Chinese medicine. Berkeley, Calif., Pacific View Press.

Sagar, S. M. (2001). Restored harmony: an evidence based approach for intergrating traditional Chinese medicine into complementary cancer. Hamilton, Ont., Dreaming Dragonfly Communications.

Said, H. M. (1959). Hamdard medical digest. Nazimbad, Karachi, Hakim Mohammed Yahya from Hamdard Publications Office.

Said, H. M. (1965). Medicine in China. Karachi, Hamdard Academy.

Said, H. M. (1994). Time for a triumvirate of hakims, doctors and scientists.

Sakai, S. (1977). Concepts of anatomy in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine.

Saku, M. (1991). The current clinical practice of herbal medicine in psychiatry in mainland China: a review of literature.

Salmon, J. W. (1984). Alternative medicines; edited by JW Salmon. London, Tavistock.

Sanderson, J. E., M. Chinese University of Hong Kong. Department of, et al. (1995). Cardiac cases 1. Medi-Vision; programme 16. Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Sanderson, J. E., M. Chinese University of Hong Kong. Department of, et al. (1995). Cardiac cases 2. Medi-Vision; programme 17. Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Saneyoshi, Y. B. and S. Suzuki (1901). The surgical & medical history of the naval war between Japan & China: during 1894-95. Tokio, Tokio Printing Co.

Sannohazama, H. (1985). [Ancient Chinese medicine and the "Ishinho"].

Sans-rgyas-rgya-mtsho, S.-s. (1970). Ayurveda in Tibet: a survey of the history and literature of Lamaist medicine, being the text of Dpal ldan gso ba rig pa'i Khog 'bugs Legs bshad Bai durya'i me long Drang srong dgyes pa'i dga' ston. Leh, Sonam W. Tashigang.

Scheid, V. (2002). Chinese medicine in contemporary China: plurality and synthesis. Durham, NC, Duke University Press.

Scheid, V. and C. University of (1997). Plurality and synthesis in contemporary Chinese medicine. [Cambridge], s.n.

Schiffeler, J. W. (1978). Ancient Chinese medical terminology: a note regarding the "Shan hai ching".

Schiffeler, J. W. (1984). Chinese folk medicine: a study of the "Shan hai ching", II.

Schmieg, A. L. (2005). Watching your back: Chinese martial arts and traditional medicine. Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press.

Schnyer, R. N. (2001). Acupuncture in the treatment of depression: a manual for practice and research. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone.

Schoen, A. M., Ed. (1994). Veterinary acupuncture: ancient art to modern medicine. Goleta, CA, American Veterinary Publications.

Schwartz, C. M. (1996). Four paws, five directions: a guide to Chinese medicine for cats and dogs. Berkeley, Celestial Arts.

Scotland. Development Department. Inquiry Reporters, U., M. Chinese Herbal, et al. (2001). Listed building enforcement notice appeal by Chinese Herbal Medicine & Health Care Ltd: erection of two applied fascia signs on double shopfront at 29-30 South Bridge, Edinburgh: [letter]. Edinburgh, Inquiry Reporters Unit.

Seifert, G. M. and S. Li (1981). Pulse diagnosis. Brookline, MA, Paradigm Publications.

Selmon, B. E. L. (1942). They do meet: cross-trails of American physicians and Chinese people. New York, Froben Press.

Sgrol ma don grub, S. t. p. (1998). Bod rgya la gsum gyi bod sman min mdzod = Tibetan-Chinese-Latin dictionary of Tibetan drugs. [Zi-lin], Mtsho-snon mi rigs dpe skrun khan: Mtsho-snon Zin-che Zin-hwa dpe khan.

Shao, X., M. Moles, et al., Eds. (1989). Emergency and disaster medicine: Collaborating symposium: 6th World conference on emergency and disaster medicine: Papers, International Academic Publishers.

Shapiro, H. L. and U. Harvard (1997). The view from a Chinese asylum: defining madness in 1930s Peking.

Shaw, P. C., J. Wang, et al. (2002). Authentication of Chinese medicinal materials by DNA technology. River Edge, N.J., World Scientific.

Shen, E. (1986). [Medical work of the PLA Fourth Field Army in China's War of Liberation].

Shen, T.-y. and T.-l. Ch`en (1996). The basis of traditional Chinese medicine. Boston; [New York], Shambhala: Distributed in the U.S. by Random House.

Shen, Z. and Z. Chen (1994). The basis of traditional Chinese medicine. Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, Commercial Press (H.K.).

Shen, Z. Y. (1992). [In-depth research of the basic theory for the development of traditional Chinese medicine].

Sheng, Y. (1985). [Medical psychological thought in traditional Chinese medicine].

Sherwin, D. C. (1992). Traditional Chinese medicine in rehabilitation nursing practice.

Shi, A., S.-S. Lin, et al. (2003). Internal medicine. Walnut, Calif., Bridge Pub. Group.

Shi, J., F. Z. Chu, et al. (1985). The ABC of traditional Chinese medicine. Hong Kong, Hai Feng.

Shi, Z.-x., X.-c. Ma, et al. (2003). Summary of academic symposium on preventing and treating SARS by integrative medicine in five provinces of North China and Guangdong Province, Chinese Association of the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine.

Shinki, I. (2000). Will we ever know what the Chinese knew?.

Shiu, Y. H. (1991). Two recent books on traditional Chinese medicine and AIDS.

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