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Bai, D. (1993). Traditional Chinese medicines and new drug development.

Bai, Y. and J. DeFrancis (1999). ABC Chinese-English dictionary: alphabetically based computerized = [Tien nao p`in yin pien ma]. Richmond, Surrey, Curzon Press.

Baildon, A. (1807). Account of the Oc-kow, a Chinese remedy for complaints of the breast: with observations on the use of digitalis.

Balme, H. (1921). China and modern medicine: a study in medical missionary development. London, Livingstone Bookshop.

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Baron, J. H. and A. G. Lim (1997). Human bile for animals.

Bartholin, T., A. Clod-Hansen, et al. (1928). Anatomie mandchoue. Facsimilé du manuscrit no. II du fonds oriental de la Bibliothèque royale de Copenhague. Copenhague, Bibliotheque Royale.

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Becker, S. (2000). A handbook of Chinese hematology. Boulder, Colo., Blue Poppy Press.

Beeching, J. (1975). The Chinese Opium Wars. London, Hutchinson.

Beijing College of Traditional Chinese, M. (1980). Essentials of Chinese acupuncture. Beijing, Foreign Languages Press.

Beijing, Y. (1985). Dictionary of traditional Chinese medicine = Zhongyiyao cidian. Hong Kong, Commercial Press, Ltd.

Beinfield, H. and E. Korngold (1992). Between heaven and earth: a guide to Chinese medicine. New York, Ballantine Books.

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Bensky, D. and R. Barolet (1990). Chinese herbal medicine: formulas & strategies. Seattle, Wash., Eastland.

Bensky, D. and R. Barolet (1990). Chinese herbal medicine: formulas and strategies. Seattle, Wash., Eastland Press.

Bensky, D., A. Gamble, et al. (1986). Chinese herbal medicine: materia medica. Seattle, Eastland Press.

Bensky, D., A. Gamble, et al. (1993). Chinese herbal medicine: materia medica. Seattle, Wash., Eastland Press.

Beresford-Cooke, C. (1996). Shiatsu theory and practice: a comprehensive text for the student and professional. New York; Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone.

Berg, D. and S. University of Durham. Dept. of East Asian (2000). Perceptions of lay healers in Late Imperial China. Durham, Dept. of East Asian Studies, University of Durham.

Berthier, B. (1988). La Dame-du-bord-de-l'eau. Nanterre, Societe d'ethnologie.

Bertschinger, R. and P.-y. Wei (1994). The secret of everlasting life: the first translation of the ancient Chinese text of immortality. Shaftesbury, Element.

Binyon, L. and D. British Museum. Sub-Dept. of Oriental Prints and (1916). A catalogue of Japanese & Chinese woodcuts preserved in the Sub-Department of Oriental Prints and Drawings in the British Museum. [London], Printed by Order of the Trustees.

Birnbaum, R. (1989). Chinese Buddhist traditions of healing and the life cycle.

Bisio, T. (2005). A tooth from the tiger's mouth: how to treat your injuries with powerful healing secrets of the great Chinese warriors. New York; London, Simon & Schuster International.

Bivins, R. (1999). Expectations and expertise: early British responses to Chinese medicine.

Bkra-sis, T.-r. (1997). English-Tibetan-Chinese dictionary = Dbyin Bod Rgya gsum 'san sbyar gyi tshig mdzod = Ying Zang Han duizhao cidian. [Beijing], Minzu chubanshe.

Blondeau, R. A. (1983). Ferdinand Verbiest, (1623-1688): als oost en west elkaar ontmoeten. Tielt, Lannoo.

Bloom, H. (2002). Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club. Philadelphia, Chelsea House Publishers.

Bloomfield, F. (1987). Ginseng 'the divine herb': the secrets of Chinese, Korean and Siberian ginseng. London, Century.

Bodde, D. (1991). Chinese thought, society, and science: the intellectual and social background of science and technology in pre-modern China. Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press.

Borsarello, J. (1981). Les pouls en médecine chinoise. Paris, Masson.

Boschi, G. (1998). Medicina cinese: la radice e i fiori: corso di sinologia per medici appassionati. Genova, Erga.

Bossy, J. (1991). Jean-Léon Soubeiran (1827-1892) et la matière médicale chez les chinois.

Bossy, J. (1994). Histoire de l'acupuncture et la médecine montpellieraine.

Bowen, W. M. (1995). The Americanization of Chinese medicine: a discourse-based study of culture-driven medical change.

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