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Xu, H. and Y. Guoli Zhongguo Yiyao (1975). Kuangwu xing zhongyao zhi yanjiu = A study of Chinese mineral drugs. Taibei [i.e.Taipei], National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine.

Xu, L. D. and W. D. Wang (2002). Chinese materia medica: combinations and applications. St. Albans, Donica.

Xu, S. and C. Wang (1777). Lei zheng pu ji ben shi fang: [shi juan]. [China], Wang Chenliang.

Xu, X. (1997). "National essence vs science": Chinese native physicians' fight for legitimacy, 1912-1937.

Xu, X. (2003). Chinese Tui Na massage: the essential guide to treating injuries, improving health & balancing Qi. Boston, Mass.; [Enfield, YMAA: Airlift, distributor].

Xu, X.-J. and M. Royal Free Hospital School of (1998). Immune dysfunction in the skin in atopic dermatitis and its modulation by Chinese herbal therapy.

Xue, J. (1619). Xue shi yi an: [77 juan]. [China], Bo Gu Tang.

Yamada, K. (1998). The origins of acupuncture, moxibustion, and decoction: the two phases of the formation of ancient medicine: the origins of acupuncture and moxibustion, the origins of decoction. Kyoto, International Research Center for Japanese Studies.

Yamagata, S. (1981). [Josen Morii and his medicine].

Yan, L. and Z. Zhang (1987). [The effect of Confucianism on the development of traditional Chinese medicine].

Yan, R.-M. (1985). The origin and development of Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion.

Yan, W.-Z. (1988). [First-aid for war wounded in the PLA North China Army during China's Liberation War].

Yan, X., J. Zhou, et al. (1999). Traditional Chinese medicines: molecular structures, natural sources, and applications. Aldershot, Ashgate.

Yang, C. X. (1992). [Analysis of "Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine from 1987-1991].

Yang, C.-c. (1991). The golden needle and other odes of tradtional acupuncture: book two of Yang Jizhou's "Grand compendium" (1601). Edinburgh; New York, Churchill Livingstone.

Yang, C.-c., S.-z. Yang, et al. (1994). The divinely responding classic: a translation of the Shen ying jing from the Zhen jiu da cheng. [Boulder], Blue Poppy Press.

Yang, G. (2000). Ancient Chinese medicine: prestamped postcards.

Yang, G. (2000). The theory of 'Yin-yang' and 'Wu Xing' in Chinese medicine.

Yang, G. (2001). Jian Zhen 688-763 AD.

Yang, G. (2001). Medicine in ancient Chinese legends: Suiren, Shennong and Fuxi.

Yang, G. (2001). Shen Kuo: great ancient Chinese scientist.

Yang, H. and u. Hung (1976). The Making of a Peasant Doctor. Peking, China, Foreign Languages Press.

Yang, J.-M. (1991). Qigong for arthritis: the Chinese way of healing and prevention: massage, cavity press, and Qigong exercises. Jamaica Plain, Mass, YMAA Publication Center.

Yang, L. (1998). Book of changes and traditional Chinese medicine = Zhouyi yu zhongyixue. Beijing, Beijing Science and Technology Press.

Yang, S. D. (1992). [Prospect on the soaring revolution of medicine in China].

Yang, S.-z. and B. Flaws (1998). The divine farmer's material medica: a translation of the shen nong ben cao jing. Boulder, CO, Blue Poppy Press.

Yang, X. (2003). Encyclopedic reference of traditional Chinese medicine: [a manual from A-Z, symptoms, therapy, and herbal remedies]. Berlin; New York, Springer.

Yang, Y. M. D. (2002). Chinese herbal medicines: comparisons and characteristics. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone.

Yao, S. and N. Sivin (1989). Chinese intellectuals and science: a history of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).

Yasui, H. (1977). P'i in the history of Chinese medicine.

Yen, K. u.-y. (1992). The illustrated Chinese materia medica: crude and prepared. Taipei, SMC Pub.

Yeshi, D. and J. Hopkins (1986). Health through balance: an introduction to Tibetan medicine. Ithaca, N.Y., USA, Snow Lion Publications.

Yi, C. o.-s. and T.-y. Hwang (1965). Uijong sonik. P`yongyang, Uihak Ch`ulp`ansa.

Yi, D., W. Huizhu, et al. (2001). Chinese health tea. Beijing, New World Press.

Yi, M.-y. and T.-i. Kim (1988). Tonguihak sajon. [P`yongyang], Kwahak Paekkwa Sajon Chonghap Ch`ulp`ansa.

Yi, S.-m. (1994). Umyang kamsik chojolpop: manbyong ui kunbonjogin yebang kwa t`ongch`i. Soul-si, P`yongdan Munhwasa.

Yin, H. and X. Shuai (1992). Fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine. Beijing, Foreign Languages Press.

Ying, K. (1964). Chinese medical science in practice: my experiences in a combined therapy: pulse study; spot pressing, acupuncture, thermo therapy; push-pull massage. [Kowloon, Hong Kong], [King Ying Chinese Medical Office].

Yinong, S. and E. Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry. Office of Health (1988). Health care in China. London, Office of Health Economics.

Yoshida, T. and H. U. Vogel (1993). Salt production techniques in ancient China: the Aobo tu. Leiden; New York, E.J. Brill.

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